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Are you a better Marketer?

What is marketing?

“Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”

Hold on..! I know it is one of those complex answers which you would find common in Google. But have you ever thought about how you can redefine marketing easily?

Marketing is basically about good conversations. It is not just about promoting your products or services. You probably have lots of conversations with people around you in your day-to-day life. You try to make them understand about your ideas. You try to convince them that what you are saying is right. You try to make good relationships with people by having genuine conversations with them. This is all part of marketing. You are basically trying to sell yourself or your ideas to the people who you value the most.

A markter is good communicator.

So a marketer ought to be a good communicator. Effective communication is the key to build good relationships with your customers.

But does just being good at communication make you a better marketer? The answer is No..! I will tell you why.

Who is a better marketer?

I will give you an analogy. Have you ever been extremely bored when listening to a speaker?

Why do you think it was so boring?

You did not feel that the speaker was talking to you… He could not convince you about whatever he was saying… He could not sell his ideas to you successfully… He was talking to a group of people, but many from the group could not get his ideas well.

Now why did this speaker failed here?

He either could not deliver his message to you well or you were the wrong audience to him.

It’s the same with marketing communications as well.

“If you cannot converse well one to one, you cannot converse one to many”

One to One conversation is better than One to Many.

My digital marketing mentor says that if everyone is your audience, no one is your audience. Learning how to speak to a single person efficiently is vital to being a better marketer.

Marketing is all about trust. If you want to be trusted by your customer, you need to be able to convince him about your products, services or ideas. Interpersonal communication skill is the tool a good marketer uses to build that trust with the customer. This is why messaging and emailing is much more powerful than posting on social media. People tend to trust you more when you communicate to them directly.

For a marketer, being authentic is another main thing to keep in mind to gain customer’s trust. People are seriously turned of by fake people. They are tired of fake people with social personas and attracted to someone who is real. If you are genuine while communicating, people will like you and they will listen to you.

Are you talking to the wrong audience?

In the analogy above, the speaker could have failed because he was talking to the wrong audience. The audience did not listen to him, as they may not be interested in the topic at all.

You are talking to a wrong person.

As a marketer, you have to find who is your right customer. When you target the right customer, you will get more responses. The unlikely customer will ignore you as they are not interested in whatever you offer.

Who is your right customer?

Hmm…! Good question…!

Whoever listens to you and responds to you is your right customer. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to put in efforts to find them and target them with a correct pitch so that they will transact with you.

How would you find them? You should know what are the characteristics of your ideal customer. Getting answers from the people to the basic questions like: How old they are, what their likes are, what they are looking for, their education, income, goals, ambitions, lifestyle, values and their pains, will help you find your ideal customer.

Customer Avatar — Who is this guy?

Once you get an idea about the ‘demographics’ and ‘psychographics’ of your right audience, you can create a ‘customer avatar’ based on the information you have collected. Your ‘customer avatar’ is an imaginary customer who has the exact characteristics of a person who would ideally buy your products, services and ideas. The customer Avatar is the ideal profile of your customer.

Whenever you try to implement a marketing strategy, your customer avatar is the person who should be in your mind. When you try to convince your customer avatar, you are basically trying to convince your target customer who is out there in the real world. So, whatever strategies you plan, whether it is creating blogs, podcasts or vidoes, you are trying to communicate to your customer avatar through these media. By doing so, your customer will feel that you are communicating to him/her directly. This is how you can effectively target your customer.

How did I find my Customer Avatar?

Before telling who is my Customer Avatar, let me tell you what is my service for the customer?

To be frank, I have no plans to offer any products or services through which I plan to earn some money at the moment. I, myself, have been trying to learn Digital Marketing by researching online. Hence, this article.

I am in the process of recording my digital marketing educational journey through my articles. I plan to decode complex Digital marketing concepts through my blogs, so that newbies like myself and others can understand easily and also apply them practically. So, you are welcome!😁 If you would like to read some free and simple articles about Digital Marketing, then I would say you are my customer…!

I will show you how I found my Customer Avatar. Digital Deepak has helped to find this guy who has been hiding so far..!

Deepak showed us a demo on how we can create a simple survey form, which I shared to the public to collect the “demographic” and “psychographic” details. I got responses from some people through social media. I analyzed the data to find common characteristics of the people and came up with my “customer avatar” model.

Please click here to find the survey form. You can still fill it when you have time.

Let’s have a look at the responses I got for my Survey…! I have created a small video which you can refer.

What did you figure out from this video? Is it tough? Don’t worry. I will break it down for you. Read the below bullet points and watch the video again. You will get an idea.

· 80% of the respondents are between the ages of 18–35.

· 67% of respondents are earning below 10 lakhs per year. In that, 38% is earning below 2 lakhs per year.

· 38% Post Graduates responded to my Survey, and 30% are undergraduates.

· Majority (61%) were average students in school.

· 65% are married people, while 33% are single.

· Everyone has their own hobbies. But one common hobby for most of the respondents was reading.

· Half of the respondents mentioned that they are introverts.

· Most of them prefer to check WhatsApp first when they wake up.

· Most people own Windows laptop (92%), and Android Phone (87%).

· Most of them have thought about starting a Business or changing their careers.

· Around 90% of the respondents would like to know about Digital Marketing as a career option or how Digital Marketing can help them grow their businesses.

· But majority od the people confessed that they have poor knowledge in Digital Marketing (73%).

· 60% of them read articles for only 1 hour a day and prefer to spend more time watching videos.

· Majority of the respondents (84%) prefer to be contacted through Emails compared to other media.

I know this is a long list. But this helped me gain insights about who my Customer Avatar is…!

My Customer Avatar is “a young guy who is either thinking about finding a career in Digital Marketing or wondering how Digital Marketing can help him grow his business. He reads articles and watches videos about Digital Marketing to learn about it. He is a beginner in this field. He was an average performer in school. So he prefers simple articles to read. He is a graduate. Although he checks WhatsApp more often, he prefers to be contacted through Email.”

Though I referred my “Customer Avatar” as “he”, I would like to keep it gender neutral. Also, I have skipped some of the less significant survey queries to make it more simple.

So who is this guy? Would you like to know?

The best embodiment of my ‘Customer Avatar’ is none other than MYSELF!

Binu Varghese

I am a guy who thinks about making Digital Marketing his career… I am a novice… I read simple articles and watch videos to learn these skills… I am a graduate… I prefer Email as my primary communication channel.

Did I make it more complicated for you? Okay.. Ignore me and my photo. I’m just saying my customer avatar is someone who is exactly like what I am at the moment!

As I keep on learning these skills by reading articles and videos, I will create my own articles, which will help my target customers — aspiring digital marketers — to learn the basics of Digital Marketing. As I said, my service is only providing simple articles about Digital Marketing basics to beginners.

This is my plan! I hope you got an idea now.

I know I dragged this article for a while now. But this is the only way I have to let you know about what I am trying to convey.

Thank you for being so patient with me… Signing off now.

Binu Varghese

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