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A shortcut to be a successful businessman in 2020!

“Why my business is not performing as expected though I am a hard worker?”

Has this question ever come across your mind?

Are you this person who really wants to make your business successful, but no idea how to do it?

If your answer is yes, then don’t stop reading this till the end. I promise you wouldn’t regret reading it. I have something amazing for you which helped people run their business successfully. I know you are a committed business man, so you won’t skip even a single word.

Let me tell you a story.

Akshay and Druv were two photographers in Mumbai. Both were hard workers.

Akshay has lots of clients in the fashion field. He is so busy as the candid photographer in Mumbai wedding ceremonies.

But Druv hardly get any clients from fashion field. People rarely book him to be the wedding photographer. He was talented and passionate, but less successful.

Do you know what made Akshay different from Dhruv? He is well known as a photographer, while people rarely know Druv.

Akshay always makes sure that the wedding photographs are shared on facebook and Instagram. People admire his talent. He has a portfolio website where he posted all his fashion photographs. He run some paid marketing through Google to reach the desired customers. Clients in fashion industry call him by seeing his portfolio. He makes a rapport with his existing clients by sending email to them.

Meanwhile, Druv is just storing all the pictures taken by him in his hard disk. He doesn’t know how to show off the photographer in him. He works really hard to be successful, but nobody knows him.

If you consider photography as a type of business, now you know who is a successful businessman. Akshay was smart enough to realize that his business means 20% creation and 80% promotion. He knew the importance promoting himself as a photographer out there.

Are you wondering how Akshay learnt these techniques?

Whilst he is a photographer, he is a self-taught digital marketer as well. He learnt how to use online media to make his business successful.

Now, as a businessman, are you aware about the importance of digital marketing?

If not, this is the time to be serious about your business. Open your laptop and google ‘what is digital marketing?’

Like any other topics, you will find myriad information about digital marketing which will obviously overwhelm you. You will find lots of ‘so-called’ digital marketing trainers online who can make a dent in your pocket. Beware of them. You have to find the right person as your mentor who can teach you well and make you an expert.

Who is your right guy?

This could be a tough question for you. But, for me, only straight answer.

Deepak Kanakaraju a.k.a digital deepak is a renowned digital marketer in India. All the aspiring digital marketers admire him. He has more than 10 years of experience as a blogger. He worked as digital marketing manager in several startup companies like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo and Razorpay. He proved himself as a successful businessman by running his own digital marketing agency. He trains digital marketers all over India. He conducts seminar for sales and marketing employees in companies like BMW. Who else do you need as your trainer!

He will definitely make you an expert digital marketer through his collection of courses. What you need is willingness to learn. Rest assured!

His training course — Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle— is a treasure which you can possess to learn and be a successful businessman.

How digital marketing will help your business?

· Everything is digital now. People even read newspaper on computer now. So digital marketing is the best option to reach your customer.

· Traditional marketing techniques are old school to some extent and are expensive, especially for small-scale businesses. Digital marketing techniques are affordable, which will help companies to invest money into other aspects of business.

· Everyone uses a mobile or a laptop. So, a digital marketer can easily reach his customers. He will get the outcome in realtime. He doesn’t want to wait for sales turnover to analyze the effectiveness of marketing like in traditional marketing.

· You can build your brand through Social media and websites.

· Digital marketing will help you target your specific customer, which is impossible in traditional marketing.

What you will learn in Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle?

The bundle that’ll help you learn the skills that’ll make you better prepared for everything businesses are expecting from you.

Once you implement what is in this bundle, your business will grow exponentially.

In the SEO Mastery course you will learn :

  • How to master Google search console to improve your SEO game
  • How to do On page optimization & Off page optimization
  • How to build high-quality backlinks with guest posting
  • How to use Moz tools and SEMRush for SEO analysis
  • How to use Ahrefs to get new content ideas
  • How branding helps in SEO
  • How to perform Local SEO and use Google My Business
  • How to scale search traffic with long tail keywords [this is the future]
  • How to conduct an SEO audit
  • How to build backlinks
  • How to find blogs for building backlinks
  • Content writing for SEO

In the Google Ads course you will learn:

  • How to set up your first Google Ads campaign
  • How to use landing pages and conversion tracking
  • How to do keyword research
  • The different Google Ads keyword types and how to use them
  • How to use location targeting, ad scheduling, and device targeting
  • The various ad extensions — their advantages and uses
  • How to use the search term report and negative keywords
  • 2 new case studies that show you how we set up search ads for a real estate promotion and a campaign review for a real estate client.

In this FB Ads course, you’ll learn

  • The different types of Facebook audiences
  • How to setup Facebook pixel
  • How to setup custom conversions on Facebook
  • A complete tour of Ads manager and power editor
  • How to use Facebook lead ads
  • How to run events and event response ads

In the Email Mastery course, you’ll learn

  • How to build your email list
  • How to collect leads via landing pages
  • How to integrate leads to any email tool
  • How to track subscriber activity in your CRM
  • How to integrate payment gateway with email tool
  • How to create Facebook Ads for lead generation
  • How to create email workflows with decision trees
  • How to send emails using Amazon SES

In the Social Media Mastery course, you’ll learn

  • How to provide customer service on social media
  • Facebook marketing best practices — do’s and don’ts
  • How to choose the right social media platform for your business
  • How to perform social media competitor analysis
  • How to grow and maintain a Facebook group
  • 10 social media metrics you must measure
  • 9 must have social media tools

In this important program, you’ll learn

  • How to track, and measure all your paid and organic channels effectively.
  • How to create custom dashboards and reports
  • How to create and leverage different reports such as Lifetime Value reports, CoHort reports, and Frequency, Recency & Engagement reports

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery program is focused on helping make passive income using digital marketing skills.

You’ll learn

  • How to set your first niche website — walkthroughs, checklists, and tutorials
  • How to get approved by any affiliate network
  • How to find profitable affiliate products — digital and physical
  • The rapid-fire content creation strategies
  • Affiliate marketing tools to become super affiliates
  • How to build high converting squeeze pages and capture email ids
  • Powerful email marketing strategies to double your commissions
  • How to promote affiliate products using Adwords

And you also get 2 BRAND NEW courses

This course is focused on solving the 3 major problems that are stopping people from becoming a content marketer or content writer — what to create, how to create, and how to promote.

In this action-focused course, you’ll learn.

  • How to come up with content ideas that work and produce results
  • How to research & structure your content without spending days or weeks or sleepless nights
  • How not to sound like a Non-native English writer and write crispier, tighter sentences using simple words
  • How to promote the content and receive tons and tons of traffic to your web properties.

This is a brand new program that is yet to be launched to the public.

The program learnings can save you or your company hundreds of dollars in expense because it teaches you how to get things done using Zapier instead of using paid services.

In this practical application course, you’ll learn

  • How to send data from landing pages to Google Sheets
  • How to capture data from payment gateways and use filters
  • How to send SMS alerts to your audiences using webhooks
  • How to create an affiliate program with Zapier

You may feel overwhelmed by all these details. Don’t worry. I just elaborated a bit to let you know this course covers everything you want to know. But let me assure you that these are essential to be a successful businessman in the future.

If you purchase these courses separately, it will cost you ₹21991 in total.

But if you buy them as a bundled course, you can get all of them for just ₹4999 !

I know this is an amazing offer which you can’t really resist!

Just ₹4999 with 78% discount on the original cost.

Click here to purchase the bundle.

You may not get a better chance later… This offer may end soon!

Are you still confused? Let’s see what others say about digital deepak and his course.

These are some reviews from the people who purchased his courses. What are you waiting now! This is for you. Click and grab it.

Once you start learning this course, you will see a successful businessman growing in you!

If you take the action now, you will never regret it later!

Do your best!

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